How does Google Panda Update Work?

How does Google Panda Update Work?

Google panda, it’s another name is Google Framer. This program is related to the surveys and preferences of users. Navneet Panda was the creator of Google Panda. He is Google engineer from India. He is very expert in his work.

Google Panda was introduces in 2011. The date was Feb 24, 2011. “Panda Update” name was given to it. Google Panda works on the choices of users. Google panda involves (MLA). The abbreviation of (MLA) is Machine Language Algorithm. This uses artificial intelligence.

Google Panda inspects elements like quality links, designs etc. Its role is very important. It has got high importance.

How does Panda Update Work.?

It works like a filter on every search result. It has got high importance.

1. Panda Work:

The Work of Panda is based on following:

1. Search impressions,

2. Browse rate,

3. Time on site while operating,

4. Repeat visit to a site,

2. Important Tips for content with Google panda:

Following are the some important tips:

1. Use keyword in your content,

2. All pages must be fresh,

3. Link must be from quality website,

4. The average content length should be more than 2400 words of top 3,

5. Also include images,

6. Make it in a proper way,

3. Significant:

These are the significant of Google panda.

1.0- February 24, 2011

2.0- April 11, 2011

2.1- May 10, 2011

2.2- June 16, 2011

2-3- July 23, 2011

4. Effects:

After the Panda Update Google has become more good. It has improved the ability to detect scraper sites. It can detect scrapers sites and can banish them. It has improved very much. This thing has brought 13% changes in results of search.

5. Consequences:

Following are the consequences of Google Panda,

1. It has Lower the position of sites of Low quality,

2. There is low chance of Duplicate Content,

3. SEOs need deep skill sets to acquire,

If you are expert in web and if you are SEO expert. You must have the knowledge of Google Panda. It is on the top ranking. You must know it. You must leave your old methods and step into the new world with Google Panda. It is the best for you. You should accept it and use it for better result. It inspects links; design etc. in a better way. You must leave old methods and use brand new element ‘’Google Panda”.