Google Panda and Google Penguin- Safe Link Building and SEO

Google Panda and Google Penguin- Safe Link Building and SEO

Being a part of the world of SEO, it is somewhat important for one to understand the update regarding Google Panda and Google Penguin, which are for safe link building and SEO. Everybody knows that Google is now one of the most important and popular search engines in the whole world. However, you must also know that Google is very much delighted with the algorithm of the web spam. It is known well for tweaking and updating regularly its search algorithms. Some of the updates actually get more of attention or some actually get lesser than what they have expected. The only thing is that, the past updates made by Google has also affected the world of internet in a very big time. As a matter of fact, these updates only affect the SEO and web ranking. Those two updates are the Google Panda and the Google Penguin.

• Google Panda- it is an update, which only targets those of lower quality contents. It has been introduced in the year 2011. The motive of this type of update is to easily target the websites borrowing information from any other websites without even giving any sort of input.

• Google Penguin- it is a kind of update, which only target the web span in the form of link building. It has been introduced by Google last April 24, 2012. Basically, it is being introduced to target those websites carrying out large stuffing of keywords and link building, as well.

Reasons why websites are being affected by the latest update of Google Penguin

• Pyramid and relevance of the link

• Low quality backlinks

• Too much anchor text optimization

• Poor quality of contents

• Stuffing of keywords

• Too much usage of SEO

• Hidden links and texts

• Sending queries to Google automatically

The latest update of Google Penguin has shocked a good number of webmasters. The only thing is that, some other websites are being affected by this kind of update. The impact is that, a lot of basic SEO principle seemed to be shaken apart. A lot of websites have also been hit hard and looking forward to recover from the last update from Google. Well, you should know that the main objective of the Google Penguin update is to enhance the results in the search engines. The update of Google Penguin and Panda have a very good impact in terms of penalizing those of the spammy websites

On the other hand, if you would like to recover from the update of Google Panda, you should examine which update of the algorithm has hit the traffic to your website. Keep in mind that you are confirmed with it, so you should recover from it. Some of the things that could help you are:

• Distribution of the anchor text- most of the websites got affected, due to less distribution of the anchor text. You need to increase the distribution with different types of anchor texts.

• Quality Link- you must always use the best and quality backlinks, instead of using those low quality links. Spammy ones could surely penalize your website, and it is not good.

• Keyword density- if you are stuffing keywords in your contents, you must stop it. Using LSI or the related words could surely help you out. You need to target those of the long phrased keywords and simply maintain the keyword density of 1.5%. So, re-edit your content and use LSI keywords instead.

So, if you need help regarding Google Panda and Google Penguin, then considering those tips mentioned above would be ideal.